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I am still dedicated to helping people achieve their goals be it building a dream body, losing weight, gaining muscle or working towards some fitness goal. The only difference is now I am part of a team of like minded people.

If you would like to work with me then please contact us either by phone, email or using the form on this site.

Who Am I?

For those of you who don’t know me, here is a quick bio.

From right when I was born I’ve always had my heart in fitness. I was always very active and at the age of 5 I started my professional fitness journey as a gymnast. My aspirations were huge even then from my small village in Russia. By the time I was 17 I had reached my first goal of representing my country in the national team. As the years passed I discovered a new passion for music. My love for singing begun, Alympia was born any my career quickly took off. Before long it had me travelling the world performing in many countries and ultimately ending up in London. Whilst music is now a big part of my life it has never gotten in the way of my affection for sport and even now on any given day you will find my in a gym somewhere in England or around the world!

In 2012 I moved my focus back on sport once more and I signed up for the Miami Pro Championship in which I took first place in the two categories I entered, Figure and Fitness Gymnastics. From then on I was hooked and I trained for my next competition, learning more and more about nutrition. The next competition that came up was Miss Galaxy Universe which took place in Birmingham later that year. Taking first place again in the fitness category it was clear the training was working and there was no looking back. The following day I was back on stage with the UKBFF in London where I qualified taking 3rd place in the Figure category. After this I moved to the WBFF federation where I competed in Toronto at their World Championship achieving my Pro Card on my very first event in two categories, Fitness Diva 2nd place and Figure 3rd place. The following year was my first Pro show in Montreal where I took 2nd place.



Alina Andrews
Alina AndrewsMaster Personal Trainer

Some of my specialities

Helping people lose excess fat and get back to a healthy comfortable weight that enables them to enjoy life to the fullest extent. It frustrates me that this is so difficult for many people and it’s just because of the vast amount of wrong information that is given. I want to change this and show people how east living a healthy life can be.

Helping someone completely transform their body into something they have always desired is an amazing thing and I love being part of that. It takes desire, dedication and hard work but I see it is worthwhile with everyone that goes through it.
Fitness competitions are a great challenge and can be super fun for the amazing athletes that take place. I love helping athletes with these preparations not just with the training and diet but with the outfits, routines and the stage presentation.
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