Seeds are a great, high nutritious value food, a tasty one too! Whilst they are all unique, in general you can count on getting some good unsaturated fat and a decent boost of vitamins and minerals.

What a great snack idea!Seeds are a great source of nutrition

Make sure you have brushed up on your knowledge of seeds to get the most out of them.

Here is a bit of info on some of the common seeds:



Chia seeds are pretty much tasteless but they pack a decent supply of fibre, unsaturated fats and protein. A couple of tablespoons sprinkled over your breakfast or in a shake can really improve the nutritional value of that meal. No wonder they are referred to as super foods!



Pumpkin seeds are probably my favourite to eat as they taste so good. Either roasted or raw they are a great addition to porridge, salads or even eaten alone. These seeds are high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fat. The problem is that they are too high in fat so you need to watch your portion sizes.



Sunflower seeds are another very tasty option. I personally enjoy them in anything with yogurt but please experiment with other meals. Like the other you get a decent supply of protein and fat but the biggest benefit with these is the massive amounts of vitamin E they provide. Remember vit E is great for skin and eyes so definitely a benefit worth having.



Hemp seeds are commonly added to salads and in some breads. It’s also possible to blend them into a milk by adding some water. These are by far the most protein rich of the seeds, even as much as 10g from a couple of spoonful’s. Like the other though, just keep an eye on the fat content when eating a lot.



You might know these better as flax-seeds which are super famous. Great at giving a nutty flavoring to oats or salads. These seeds have a more balanced profile of fats protein and fiber. They are also slightly cheaper than the other so often a good choice.

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