Learn About Food

Learn how your body uses food for energy and understand what causes weight gain and fat loss.


Custom Recipes

Discover great tasting recipes that fit your nutrition plan and support the goals you are working towards.


Sample Diet Plans

We provide sample plans for our clients to follow whilst they learn. These are the training wheels on your journey to nutritional excellence.

Remember that everyone is slightly different. Sure we are all human, we all have cells, fibers, muscles and every other structure that makes us up, however we have all grown slightly differently. This means that to get the desired results from your body we must understand precisely how it works.

By working together, we will help you to do just this and understand how your body reacts to different stimuli and how it likes to adapt.

Don’t be fooled into following a plan created for someone else, be smart and focus on your body and your needs.

Whilst education is key to being able to sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle long term, we do understand that for some people it’s easier to follow a plan, at least at the start.

After we get to know you and your body, we provide custom food plans that make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your goals. These are not strict diets and they are not generic. Personalised to you, catering for your likes and dislikes, and allowing choices to be made, our plans make getting started as easy as possible.

A big problem that people do not realise is happening right at the supermarket. Buying the wrong foods and bringing them home is setting you up for failure and this must be stopped right away.

Our shopping lessons take place at your supermarket, with you. We do a shop together and discuss all the good and bad choices available. After this you will feel much more confident doing your shopping knowing that everything you are bringing home is well understood and good for you.

For the more adventurous of you, we offer custom recipes that offer you the fun and variety of home cooking but with all the benefits of being healthy.

Ultimately our goal is to educate you to be able to do all of this without any help but in the beginning having some recipes to follow sure does help.

Why Learn About Food?

To give you everything you need to feed your body to support your goal, we must start with knowledge and education.

When you understand how your body utilities energy and how the food you feed it supports this, everything becomes much more simple. There is no need to follow a diet or restrict certain foods, instead you go through your days with a series of choices to make where you are well informed and the effects of your decisions are understood.

Learning about the human body, energy systems and nutrition is one of the most fascinating journeys you can take and once you understand it all you will wander how you managed all these years without it.


Our Approach To Nutrition

  • Quality of food
  • Stage 1 deals with food choices. The goal is to improve the food choices you make at every oportunity.
  • Quantity of meals
  • Stage 2 deals with the dervings per day. THe goal here is to gradually increase the number of times you eat each day to provide constant energy and optimal metabolism.
  • Quantity of food
  • Stage 3 deals with calorie planning. From here things get more serious as we introduce a daily caloric targets.
  • Macro portioning
  • Stage 4 looks at the ratio of protein, carbs & fats. We consider daily ratios and meal ratios.
  • Metabolism tricks
  • Stage 6 introduces tricks such as carb cycling where we look at ways to improve your metabolism by tricking the body.
  • Food combining
  • Stage 7 deals with what foods should be eaten together so as to optimise digestion.
  • Food and drink timing
  • Stage 7 adds in timings for food and drink consumption to further optimise digestion by maximising the environment for digestive enzymes.