What is online training

Online training is a great way to get fit and achieve a dream body. In fact we think that traditional personal training is a little old fashioned now. Instead of having to travel to a specific gym at a prearranged time just to have someone stand over you while you work out, wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom to train when you want. Well that’s what online training gives.
The basic idea is that all the planning and thinking is done offline i.e. when you are not training. This allows us to work with you in an unrushed manner and come up with a custom plan designed just for you.
This is important to understand because the reality is nobody is the same. Everyone has different goals, different starting points and different personal commitments. Without time to discuss and understand all of these facts it would be impossible to design a programme that is best suited to a particular person. Unfortunately this is often the case with PT in a gym environment when the trainers are typically so rushed from one client to the next that the thinking and planning aspect is overlooked.



The online training we provide covers all aspects needed:
· Weight bearing exercises
· Cardiovascular fitness
· Flexibility & stretching

· Goal based
· Positive mindset

The process starts with information gathering where we find out all we need to know about you, your goals and dreams, your current fitness and health levels and you other commitments.

Next is the planning stage where we break down your goals into achievable steps and design a bespoke plan for you follow to meet those goals in defined timescales.

Finally we start on the journey together. It’s not up to you, it’s up to us to achieve your goals. We keep in touch regularly to ensure the plan is working we adapt as necessary to ensure we continue to get results.